Hello, I’m Ilaria!


Thanks for stopping by and for being curious enough to find your way to this page!

I am a lover of raw emotion. I dig creativity, laughter, honesty and just enough sarcasm.

My photography is all about capturing natural and genuine moments, in the most beautiful way.  Unlike posed and stiff images, I work discreetly so that I can capture you, your character and your relationships, in the most authentic way.

Aside from being a photographer, I drink way too much coffee (espresso of course, I’m italian!),  I love the smell of rosemary, baked goods, lavender and Ikea candles (Who doesn’t?!)

I try to spend all my days off outside in the countryside with my partner and our lovely dog! Every chance is good to explore this beautiful country!



Now it’s your turn to tell me your story!




Or you can email me at ilariamorelliphotography@gmail.com